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Being part of an intimate, passionate group of aspiring dancers, you will be provided all the guidance required to perfect your dance moves and achieve excellence. You need no special talent, but a disciplined and dedicated approach to pursue this dance form.

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Currently my  Bharatanatyam Classes have students from USA, Come join me, let’s unravel your passion, learn and grow together!

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What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Indian Classical Dances

  • Introduction to Adavus (Bharatanatyam Dance Steps)

  • Effective exercises to improve Araimandi (a basic essential dance posture used in Bharatanatyam)

  • Warm up & Cool down routines

  • 8 varieties of Thattadavu (First dance step in Bharatanatyam)

  • Free practice material – Audio and Study material included with Tasks/Quizzes to enhance your skills