Sri Pranava Mudhra Classes

We are excited to announce SRI PRANAVA MUDHRA Competitions for Indian musicians and dancers in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories across different age groups. Performance is a critical part of arts training, and we are happy to be able to offer a platform for your talent to be recognized by audiences across the world. There is a new contest every month on a different theme. The entries will be evaluated on the basis of technique, creativity and other aspects. Winning performances will be showcased on the SRI PRANAVA MUDHRA Facebook and other social media channels for the world to see, and we hope you find this to be an exciting opportunity to keep growing and performing!


Participants can send more than one entry in a particular category by paying appropriate entry fees but only one entry per month will be considered for the Leaderboard positions.

We recommend participants to upload the videos on Youtube (as unlisted or public) and submit the Youtube links in the Registration form.

Causes & Campaigns

Features on Social Media: Winners in each category every month are promoted through IndianRaga’s highly popular facebook page. Your work gets showcased to thousands of connoisseurs and audiences across the world, and many of our past contest winners became popular amongst audiences!  Please note that the entry needs to be accessible for viewers to see otherwise we reserve the right to not post it or remove it even after posting.

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Posting on our website: All winning and runner up entries are posted on our website in the  Results section every month.

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Global Platform: With high-quality participants applying from all over the world, you get to know where you stand in your genre and learn from peers

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Discounted Feedback Opportunities: Season Winners get discounts on IndianRaga Certification, Online Raga Jam, IndianRaga Fellowship and few more programs.  They will also be given e-certificates.

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Certification is our unique, timestamp-based, detailed feedback which is actionable and meaningful, and will help you know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to work on them!

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The theme of the month is a general guidance so people can practice and submit entries with diversity. We understand that for some categories, specially movie songs, it may not always  be possible to submit an entry with the theme of the month.